Cpu NB volts or just NB volts


Feb 14, 2009

Apache, both will increase stability. But the nb volt will help 100's of times more!

Hehe, you scared?

Ok so here's the deal,

Im @ 3.856Ghz, meaning I have my settings as the following :

FSB @ 203Mhz
Cpu multiplier @ x19.0
Cpu voltage @ 1.4500v
NB voltage @ 1.4125v
NB multiplier @ x10.0 2030Mhz
Chipset Core voltage @ 1.15v

When you overclock you have to raise both the CPU volts and the NB volts to get a stable clock.... The CPU voltage is normally slightly higher than the NB voltage but you have to take into consideration that this is what works on MY mobo and these exact settings will not work for everyone... just giving you an example of what you have to do... The key to a stable overclock is to play around in your bios choosing different settings until you find your sweet spot and remember to never over-volt the CPU, your Bios should show the highest voltage accepted for the CPU so don't go crazy. Always go in increments little by little and you will soon find out how fast you can go....