CPU not working like before.(Spectre/meltdown)


Jan 25, 2014
Everything started when i swapped my motherboard for used ASUS P8Z77-V LE PLUS,i encountered many,many problems....my gpu was not running at full speed (pcie 3.0 x4/x8),my cpu was and ram speeds were increased (cpu shoud be 3200MHz but in bios was 3225MHz and ram 1600MHz default,but in bios 1648MHz).
I reset all settings in bios,clear cmos/jumper,reinstalled windows 10 for like five times,driver,installed new ram, etc ......

In the end i was stuck at pcie 3.0 x4,i gave my pc to local pc repair shop and after 3 days they told me that everything was fine and somehow my PC has stabilized and my GPU was finally running at PCIe 3.0 x16 mode.

Im using this Z77 motherboard for 2 months and i have noticed that my cpu is not hitting its turbo clock speed so often like before on the old FOXCON H61MXE-V.In some very cpu intensive games like Beam NG,on the old mobo my cpu was sitting at 3.6GHz while gaming,most of the time but now the clock wont get more than 3.4GHz or in some occasions will jump to 3.5/3.6GHz.Arma 3 in heavy missions was stuck at 3.4GHz,in battlefield 3 same story.
Strange thing here is that this cpu has turbo max clock set to 3592MHz but in game i can see some unusual speeds that are going up to 3611MHz. Everything is set to default.

I did Cinebench R15,got score of 437 and again my cpu did not reach its turbo potential,was stck at 3408MHz.I also did Prime 95 and again 100% cpu usage but 3.4GHz....AIDA 64 Extreme same result.

I did CPU-Z benchmark,validate the scores,cpu max clock was 3.4GHz on all cores,should be 3592MHz...My cpu score was lower than the average,but there was this text in purple letters saying:

Microcode Rev. 0x1C ► Spectre (CVE-2017-5715) Vulnerable ◄

Now what does this means ?
Is my cpu damaged ?
Can i overclock my system ? (ASUS OC Tune)
I have cleaned my pc from malwares/viruses,have the latest drivers...

CPU---Intel Core i5 3470 3.2GHz/Turbo: 3.6GHz
COOLER--- Deepcool Gamax 200T
RAM---2X4GB Kingston Hyper X 1600MHz
GPU---Gigabyte GTX 960IX-OC 2GB
HDD---2X500GB/SSD Kingston UV 400 240GB
PSU--ANTEC VP450-P (450W Real power)
OS---Windows 10 Pro x64

DID In spectre check and its saying that my pc its not spectre protected and the performance is slowed


When you swapped motherboards did you do a clean Windows setup and then installed the drivers? Also you said you did the check and it told you the performance will be slowed, so there is that. The speeds I would not worry about just on that, what you need to do is compare your exact speeds in benchmarks with the old speed in benchmarks. I don't actually see any issues aside from you looking at the CPU speeds, did you run 3DMark and check scores vs your old setup? Or PassMark or any utility to benchmark the sytem?


Jan 25, 2014

I did clean install of windows 10 times and installed the drivers.
Yes i have done a lot of benchmarks and i could only compare heaven benchmark,the score was identical.I know that in cpuz my cpu was running at 3.6ghz while benchmarking on all cores,now stucks at 3.4/3.5.

Also yesterday i have accidentally enabled Auto OC while i was in bios and my cpu multiplayer was set to 38 for all cores.I did not do any testing but in cpuz was hitting 3.8ghz turbo max,did not noticed lags or shut downs.I have immediately set everything back to normal.

Every time if i try to change in BIOS-System Performance from Quiet (Optimal) to Performance my PC shut down,boot up with no image and again shut down and boot up with windows logo.I experienced the same thing when i was changing PCIe lanes and when i accidentally enabled Auto OC and later disabled this oc.
Is it normal after changing something in bios to get shut downs or not ?
I also have Asus H81M-K (G3220) and when i change from optimal to performance i dont get shut downs.