Feb 20, 2022
Hello, recently I bought Ryzen 9 5950x for my workstation that has 4 sticks of ram - 48gb (2x8+2x16) HyperX 3200mhz with xmp1 enabled, on MSI Tomahawk Max B450. Sometimes under load I had sudden black screen and CPU debug led. I knew that 5950x is too much for b450 and I thought that was the problem. I bought Aorus Pro x570s ax and now my pc won't post when xmp profile 1 (3200mhz) is enabled, I got black screen and DRAM debug led. Sometimes it boots normally and but very rarely. When I disable the xmp profile and the memory is working on 2400mhz I don't have that kind of problem. I tried updating bios and all drivers, tried to turn on the pc with only one or two stick of ram but that does not change anything. Any ideas what could it be, or how to solve this problem ?
Otherwise the pc is very stable under heavy loads.
Thanks in advance.

Ryzen 9 5950x cooled with Be Quiet Dark Rock Pro 4
Gigabyte Aorus pro x570s ax rev 1.1
48GB HyperX 3200 (2x8, 2x16)
Asus R9 280
Cooler Master 750w Bronze
Mixing RAM is more than likely your problem. Buy a kit in the amount of RAM needed.

Also, after the motherboard swap its a good idea to fully reinstall Windows.

Make sure BIOS is up-to-date