[SOLVED] CPU or Motherboard

Dec 11, 2018
Okay so i'm putting together a pc for my mate specs are:

Z170A Gaming Pro Carbon
Intel i5 8600-k
GTX 1070 ti 8Gb
Artic Cooling Alpine CPU Cooler
Crucial Ballistix 8gb x2

Anyhow most of that is irrelevant as it wont start up, I should of breadboarded but wanted it finished asap so put it together and yeah it was a mistake, Most of the components were purchased from ebay to save him cash.

My issue is that with nothing but the MB powered it turns on, Doesnt do anything ofc, no beeps etc. but when i put the CPU in it powers on for a second and powers off again. How do i tell if its CPU issue or MB issue?

Should add that i've tried two power supplies to check it wasn't an issue there.
your CPU is not compatible with your motherboard and there is no way to make it. you will either have to buy a compatible motherboard or go with an i5 6600K or 7600K

the newer Z390 motherboards will work. they came out around the same time as the 9th gen intel CPU's and use the same LGA version as the 8th gen ones did

always read the full specs before buying any parts. it it was purchased from a reliable website it would have said it was meant for 6 and 7th gen cpus at the very top of the page somewhere