CPU or VID card probs?


Nov 14, 2004
I'm not sure if this is the right place to post but I couldn't find a tech help section. My computer is acting weird. After a period of running it slows down and locks up...after rebooting I cannot log on and and no cursor is blinking in the passowrd section. I icons on my comp go black with no color but not all of them which is weird. I reloaded windows a few times and no help. Is there any way to test the CPU and? or vid card to see where the prob lies. It is not a heat issue. Temps are normal. Boot up takes a long time as well as shut down if I am able to move the cursor at all even. Windows on the scren show outlines at times but clear in the middle so you can see the desktop. Please help or give me a sight where I can ask for tech assistance.


Oct 1, 2003
Have you tried a reformat and reinstall of you op sys?
The cpu & vid card testing utilites that I know of are windows-based apps. If windows is fouled up, well I don't think they will do you much good.

Can you list some specs of your pc?

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