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Mar 4, 2014
Im in the middle of overclocking my i7 4770K to gain some more performance, i used the preset that came with my ASUS B85M-G mATX Motherboard Paired with my Deepcool Maelstrom 120K Liquid CPU Cooler its 4.3GHz at 1.2V Ive done some messing with the voltage i have managed to get the voltage down to 1.118V showing as 1.120V On CPUID i have stress tested the computer at 1.118V with prime95 blend test for just over an hour the hottest temperature was 80C - 85C if i pick the small FFT Test it will take temperatures to 95C also whilst gaming playing games like BF4 At ultra 144HZ The hottest temperature i am seeing is 71C With the lowest temperature at idle of 33C, i Just wanted to know if these settings are safe as i do not want to break anything (Also please note it has been around 2 years since replacing the thermal paste and cleaning the computer i will be replacing the thermal and cleaning it also) i would also like to note there is a stutter in BF4 but its like once every 5-10 minutes sometimes it does not happen at all but it stutters once and then it is fine
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What is your ambient (room) temperature? The "standard" for normal room temperature is 22°C or 72°F. For every degree ambient increases, so will your CPU.

Which version of Prime95? Any version from 27.7 through 29.4 use "AVX" code, which will severely overload the 4770K. 29.8 is the latest version, which allows the user to disable all AVX selections.

As per Intel's Datasheets, TDP and Thermal Specifications are validated "without AVX".

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