Cpu overclocking how to fix


Jun 18, 2012
My brothers PC has a trouble during reboot the post message is CPU overclocking when i try to go to bios and set as default the computer turns OK but in the other day there has a message again CPU overclocking please help me to resolve this problem..and please explain to me behind this problem cause i might not sleep because i cannot resolve this problem Im a beginner as a computer technician thanks...
try using the cmos clear jumper. that should force the board back to stock speeds. if the issue happenes again or the motherboard older then three years the cmos battery could be weak. i would start out by using cpu-z and reading your mb info and seeing if there any bios updates and see what the mb running for cpu and ram speed. i seen it a few times if the cmos is not the issue it could be a bad clock chip.

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