Question CPU Overheat Problem

Nov 30, 2021
Computer Specs are as follows
Windows 11 Pro Build 22000.675
CPU 12th Gen intel i9-12900K
64 Gig of Memory
600 Watt Power Supply
Mother Board = Rog Strix Z690-A Gaming WiFi D4
5 Fans, One Front (intake), One Rear (Exhaust), Two Top (Exhaust), One Side (Exhaust)
Case is a Corsair Carbibe 200R ATX
Video Card = Geforce GTX 1650 Super
(is the power supply to weak for this computer)

In bios I watch the temp climb to 88*
It doesn't look like a AI0 Cooler will fit the case any other opinions to cool the CPU.

If the case needs to be replaced no problem. What kind of cooler to you recommend


is the power supply to weak for this computer
Unknown. You have to provide the make and model for anyone to figure this out.

The 'problem' with the 12900K is that it's a Tweaker's cpu; it requires the user to use bios - or XTU, I guess - to make adjustments to voltage, power limits, and power limit duration.
Plug-n-play users will be in for a wake up call from high temperatures because this cpu was set to 'never slow down' out of the box.
When playing games, the 12900K is pretty cool... work related tasks, and this cpu can make ANY cooler kneel before it if it's left as is.


If I put a water cooler in will help with the temp.
If the bios/Intel XTU software is not used, then no. As said in my first post: ANY cooler will be sweating bullets with that cpu if you don't tune it yourself.

The power supply is a standard 600 Watt that came with the case.
That's not enough info for anyone to work with. The make and model, or part number is necessary, and should be on a label on one of the sides of the unit.
Corsair AX850 Titanium. Part Number: CP-9020151