CPU overheating after new GPU


Jun 28, 2014
Ok so I've recently upgraded my GPU from an amd 7850 to a GTX 780 TI (its in the exact same position as the previous one), Installed a T2420 monitor alongside my existing 1920x1080, installed drivers, replaced my stock cpu fan with a coolermaster seidon 120v (didn't help) and my cpu is reaching 70-100 C without me doing anything except browsing the internet.

This is how it looks http://prntscr.com/3xbdzg
my pc temps after idling for an hr: http://prntscr.com/3xbe4r

So before I re-apply thermal paste, reinstall cpu fan, reformat, replace cpu, or do anything, I would like to ask you good people of tom if im doing anything wrong, can this problem occur if i apply too much or too little thermal paste, is the cpu fan positioned incorrectly as you can see from the picture, can it be a software issue, is the new gpu and monitor causing too much load, etc.

my pc is 1.5 years old and my cpu is an i5 3570 btw.

im trying to gather as much info as possible so please say as much as you can.

Thanks in advance!

Denis Stoikovski

Feb 2, 2014

Well this i5 bottleneck the 780 ti fo sure also i have experienced that i got gt 640 and my i5 3350p temps and usage were fine when i got my 770 usage in games is like 70-100% temps 67-77c so its normal if it worries you get AfterMarket cooler also if you don't know how to apply thermal paste there are lot of tutorials on youtube or get an expert to do it for you.


Make sure you hooked up the fan lead to a 4-pin pwm header (cpu fan) and the pump to a 3-pin header (sysfan). The pump needs to run at 100% at all times, and the fan needs to be controlled by pwm to adjust to temp variances.

Download and use HardwareMonitor (HERE) and try it instead of speed fan. You should see the sysfan running at full speed at all times, and the cpu speed should have a swing between high and low.

If that doesn't cure your issue, it may be that the TIM application and/or the pump housing application/tightening is slightly off.