Question CPU overheating causing pc to freeze (I assume)

Dec 28, 2019
Recently I bought Red Dead Redemption 2 and after I played it for about one hour I got a blue screen. After that when I try to play the game again my PC just freezes without the blue screen and I have to restart it.
I haven't had this problem with other modern games like RE2 and the freezing never happens right away so I assume it's an overheating problem with my CPU. So I checked the temps and core #1 usually lingers around 70-80C while in-game.
My PC case does get very warm after playing for a while so I'm considering buying a new heatsink for my CPU but I want to make sure that's the right decision so here I am. Any help would be appreciated.

My specs are:
GTX 1080
32gb RAM
I'm quite sure my specs aren't the problem since the game runs smoothly above 60FPS