Apr 26, 2023
Hello, specs below:
blackridge cooler, swapped out fan for noctua a9x14
contact frame
4080 fe

CPU keeps overheating. When I run cinebench, all cores instantly hit 100c. When gaming temps are in the low 90s.

I've took the system apart about 5 times now and tried reapplying the thermal paste.
Also had the CPU RMA'd and this is now a new CPU with the same issue.

Would love help, I am thinking its now the motherboard and that something my be wrong with the pins.

Thank you.
The case is the Form T1
And I have two Phantex T30s on the top as exhaust
Ok, Form T1 webpage says 70mm as max height for CPU cooler.

The blackridge cooler is 47mm tall. Is there no way to mount a 120mmx15mm fan on top of the heatsink?

For SFF builds, I'd recommend spending some time on undervolting (not necessarily underclocking, they're different). In SFF builds where cooling is limited, it's ever more important to be running CPU & GPU at optimum efficiency. Stock voltage curves are conservative.

Also, what country are you shopping in? (For component availability)

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