Question CPU overheating, new issue never dealt with

Jan 14, 2022
My pretty new build, which has a ry 7 5800x that is being cooled by a MSI mag core liquid 240r has been overheating after months of being stable. Cannot for the life of me figure out what the deal is as the aio looks to be functional. Normal temps when first built were anywhere from 25-55 depending upon what I was doing with my pc. Now when I even browse the internet I'm seeing temperatures into the high 70's low 80's.


MSI mag core liquid 240r
These things have been nothing but trouble... at least they're cheap?

To troubleshoot, mount the radiator like the following image, if possible:

If it is not possible or does not resolve the problem, then get rid of the cooler. Do not bother with another Coreliquid R... or RH, C, or P model.
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