Question CPU Overheating, now pc wont boot

Aug 6, 2020
For a week now, my pc was just randomly completely shutting off when i played a demanding game, i belive this to be the cpu overheating as it sat at 56-70 degrees on idle and only shut off when i played games like Modern warfare or Dead By Daylight. After trying to see if csgo would be able to play, my pc shut off and wouldn't turn back on properly, so i waited for about 20 mins after turning my power off and rebooted the pc. After rebooting and watching youtube, my pc shut off once again and now it wont turn back on . Any idea what to do now? Also may i note that my boot time ha been considerably slower for the past few days

EDIT: Specs:

Asus prime A320m-K bought a year old
ryzen 2400g a year old with stock cooler
500w PSU. Model is ATX-500B and i cant find the brand, sll i can see is ATX switching power supply
GTX1660 OC 6gb and
16 gb of ram at 2300 freq.
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Phillip Corcoran

Your PSU will need replacing because the ATX-500B is a very poor quality, generic unit. You need to replace it with a quality brand like Seasonic, Corsair or EVGA.

There may be other issues to deal with, but to start with you need a good, reliable PSU otherwise you will get nowhere fast.


Jul 3, 2020
Start by replacing the thermal paste and cleaning the cooler along with the chassis fan, it's the easiest and cheapest solution, you should notice better temps after you do this. If the problem persists, get another cooler. And finally, no matter if your issue is fixed or not, you must change your PSU.