Cpu Overheating Problem. Need budget CPU cooler


Feb 6, 2012
Hello, I have been experiencing many many crashes due to overheating. My cpu goes to 65C and then crashes. Here is how it happens. When I turn it on it is about 50 C already. Sitting here playing Minecraft It suddenly spikes to 65 C. Suddenly I start hearing something weird and once I think I smelled something when suddenly it crashes. I turn it back on and its fine. I am looking for a great cooler that works with my MB (4 pin) and cools it nice and down. I know it is not a airflow problem because my other parts run at around 32C usually. I even have 2 stand up fans blowing into it with getting the same results. I know the stock coolers are very bad. I have a Phenom II 960T That I would love to unlock and overclock. I do not really want spend over 50 dollars though. Thank you.