CPU power connectors


Apr 27, 2016
So, i was thinking on getting the i5 9600k , and i have Cooler Master MasterWatt 650 power supply
It has only 4+4(8)-pin cpu power connectors, and most of the z390 motherboards i have been looking upon, have 12-pin cpu power connector, is there any way to get this power supply run with those motherboards ?
Will the system run with 8-pins only or will i need to get a power supply with 12 pins ? Or is there any connector which might extend one of the 4-pins to 8 pins so i have 4+(4+4) pins ?


CPU aux eps power is needed for a variety of possible reasons.
Possibly to enhance overclocking of power hungry processors like the i9-9900K
Your 9600K is not in that category.

Another reason is to power multiple graphics cards mounted in pcie slots.
If you are planning on a single graphics card, you are not a candidate for needing extra eps power.

I see many Z390 motherboards that have only 8 pin connectors.

Read the motherboard manual of any motherboard you are considering.
It should describe when 4/8/12 pin power is needed.

If you should decide on a motherboard with 12 pin eps power available, I think it unlikely that you will need to connect more than 8.

If, for any reason you need 12, you could possibly use a molex to 4 pin adapter.
Usually that is not a great thing to do.

Or, you could consider this as a good reason to buy a top quality 750w psu with the requisite connectors.



Both have 4+8 connectors.

If those motherboards are your choices, buy one and see how well your psu works with only the 8 pin.
If you do not get good results, you can try a molex to 4 pin adapter.

Or, since this is a high end build buy a better quality psu which has the appropriate connectors.
Here is a nice Seasonic focus 750w unit with two 8 pin connectors:

Alternatively, look for a different motherboard like the asrock Z390 phantom gaming:

If you look at the newegg photos of a motherboard, at the top left is where the eps sockets will be.
It is very clear if it is 8 pin, 12 pin or 16 pin.