May 26, 2012
hello friends

i bought gigabyte g43 motherboard and my cpu is working fine on this board
thanks for suggestion

i just want to know that what is the idle temperature of intel core 2 quad q9550 @2.83GHz
i m using the stock cooler given by intel with cpu.
tell me also that which thermal paste is the best and which cpu cooler.
Idle temperatures don't matter much, as long as you are less than about 10C above ambient temps it is doing its job well. What is more important are load temperatures, I would load it up with Prime95 to see what temperatures you hit under max load as those are the temps that can actually cause harm if they are too high. Try to keep it under 70C ish.

Are you looking for a new heatsink to overclock with, or just to replace the stock intel heatsink? The "best" heatsink is also very expensive and won't provide you much advantage over a decent heatsink if you aren't going for massive overclocks. The cooler master hyper 212+ is pretty cheap right now thanks to its MIR, its related coolers are also reasonably well priced and perform fairly well.