Question CPU resting at 70°c after cleaning fan

Jun 14, 2022
Hi, I have a Ryzen 7 3700X running at 4.16Ghz (even though base speed is 4.20, i do not know if this is a problem or not), mounted to a NZXT Kraken M22 Cooler.

I unscrewed the fan from the cooler and cleaned it out using cotton buds, then ran a wet wipe across the AIO part to clean it. I mounted it back after dusting it then turned my pc on. I DID NOT unscrew the actual cooler off the CPU I only unscrewed the fan connected to the AIO.

My CPU is now running at 65-70°c average idle, and when gaming can see it spike to 88°c.

I have watched a video on possible solutions,
and have checked the following:
  • that the fan is spinning while the PC is on,
  • I can feel the liquid cooler going through by putting my hands around the tube.
  • Checked that wires are connected, I checked the fan is connected to the motherboard as its spinning but all else I am not too sure what I should be checking.
Please help as I am extremely concerned about the health of my CPU.
Many thanks,


Try remounting the water block anyway?
Other than that, it may have coincidentally started clogging - contaminated coolant, which Apaltek-made AIOs have a problem with.
Good flow: While under a load, both tubes feel very close in temperature. Like, you may even have trouble telling the difference.
Poor flow: While under a load, one feels noticeably warmer than the other.