Jan 26, 2022
So I´ve a HP Omen 15 gaming laptop.

My Specs:

Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-8750H CPU @ 2.20GHz 2.21 GHz
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 with Max-Q Design

Running on Windows 11.

I bought it 2-3 years ago and it has worked fine until last 1-2 months.

My problem:

I could previously play Warzone on 65-80 FPS without hiccups at medium settings.
My CPU is as is or better than the recommended for the game.
I could have a stream running on mute simultaneously as I was playin without problem.

Lately i cant get more than 40 FPS and sometimes it shutsdown completely.
Overall my computer has slowed down a bit but mostly during gaming.

I launched CPU Cooling Master today, now I cant get over 70c which lowered my FPS to around 35 even after turning off CPU Cooling Master.
At 90c my CPU was delivering 40-50FPS.

When running the game; my GPU isnt over 50%, RAM isnt high either.
CPU is constantly at 80-100%. Can´t recall what it was before this problem.

What have changed during this time period that may or may not have an impact beyond my understanding...

  • Brand new Samsung 27inch smart display for my old HP EliteDisplay E242 24inch
  • Moved computer location from a cold metal table vs a wood table without as good ventilation at the back
  • The game itself has a brand new map. No problems on the old map (as far as I remember)
  • Windows 11 installed

What I´ve tried doing:

  • Physically cleaning my fans (they were medium dirty). Did this last week, not the reason
  • Downloaded different programs for updating drivers aside from regular windows update
  • Runned Windows update 10ths of times
  • Changed battery, the original was somewhat swollen
  • Tried different Nvidia settings
    • Both resetting
    • Advanced settings - multiple different from online guides
  • Tried changing energy settings
    • different schedules
    • Tried different max/minimum processor state
  • Installed CPU Cooling Master
    • This halted my CPU - didnt work at all
      • Although my CPU is now stuck at around 70c instead of 90-95 like before
  • Installed Notebook fan
    • Doesnt seem to do anything
      • My pc doesnt support BIOS which may explain this
  • Tried stress testing with Furmark
    • No problems - think i got around 4500points at 1080HD
  • No problem running Cinebench
  • Removing temp-files
  • Removing trash files using different programs
  • Repairing the game files
  • Setting priority of the game to Normal instead of high
  • Probably tried multiple other things aswell

Would appreciate any advise regarding this.
Is my CPU temperature normal at 90c? I´ve read that this i very, very dangerous.
Would adding more cooling, like a cooling pad, do anything since my CPU seems to thrive at 90c.
Are my CPU just to weak? Doesnt explain how I could play without problems before tho.
Lastly, the game is running on my HDD instead of my SDD, if this have an effect.

Thanks in advance
Jan 26, 2022
yes laptop cpu get normally get up to 100c
did you undid the thing on CPU Cooling Master or just uninstall it?

I undid it, now its back to 85-90c tho. So thats good.
Getting around 45 FPS now, which is smooth in relative terms.

Although my computer now crashes sometimes. Is there any program that tracks what causes crashes etc? Haven´t found any, but that would be helpful to eliminate the problem.
I if crashes once, its more likely to crash again. Which leeds me to think its overheating.