Aug 11, 2018
Hey everyone,

So, this is a sort of follow-on from problems I had with my water cooling rig.

Basically, earlier this year my pump died, and as a result, my CPU was running a little on the warm side (it was displaying as 100c, but I get the feeling that's a max for the display and it may well have been hotter.)

I had various issues with the water cooling over the space of a couple of months but the CPU pretty much was never turned on since the initial problem. I don't actually know exactly how long it was running hot for, I noticed thanks to thermal throttling slowing down my PC.

Now, I'm back up and running again and everything seems fine, CPU is running fine and doesn't seem slowed or anything. The one problem though, is it still runs warm - around 50c but sometimes spiking to 60c at idle, and reaching 80's under load. My GPU on the flipside is straight up cold (not even breaking 45c) at load so I know my water system is working fine. Water temp at my meter is showing around 32c at load, and tubes all around the rig feel about the same temperature. The CPU block itself isn't even that warm to the touch whereas during the problems it was burning me.

So, my question is - is it possible my CPU's temperature sensor got damaged from the heat previously and is now showing artificially high? Or, have I just done a bodge job reinstalling the cooler or something?

Everything was purchased brand new August-September last year, except the 3080 + block which were mid October. System was built and first ran in early November.
Intel Core i9-10900k

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Founders Edition
MSI MAG Tomahawk Z490 Motherboard
64gb Corsair Vengeance 3000MHz RAM
Samsung EVO NVMe drive (plus a few SSDs, no mechanicals)
Corsair RM850X 850w Modular power supply
Lian Li O11 XL case
Windows 10
--- Watercooling ---
4x Corsair ML120 (Intake, 3x bottom over rad + 1x I/O side), 3x Corsair LL120 fans (exhaust over rad, top)
Corsair XC5 CPU waterblock
Corsair XR5 360mm radiator
Barrow Tech 360mm radiator
Alphacool Eisblock 3080 FE GPU waterblock
Lian Li/EK G1 Distro Plate (acting as a res)
EKWB D5 Inertia pump
Barrow Tech digital flow/temperature meter

Loop order: Start with the distro plate, into pump, flow/temp meter, GPU, CPU, corsair rad, barrow rad, back to distro plate.