CPU running on Reduced Speed Helps!!!


Apr 10, 2012
My computer running on reduced CPU Speed for awhile now. It happen long time ago still did not find a fix. (It used run full speed) but now is just running a reduced Speed. I was using FX5500 AGP back than still had the reduced speed but when upgraded my Video Card to Shappire 4650 AGP it slightly improved for some reason. I even cleaned computer no luck and all kind of cleaning software to my Computer no luck.

(CPU-Z had a incorrect report) Because i feel the reduced speed on my computer)

Enhanced Intel SpeedStep(R) Technology Not Supported
Intel(R) SSE Supported
Intel(R) SSE2 Supported

Power supply: Elements Z Power Gaming Series 550 Watts
Ram:2096 (4x512 DDR)
Graphics Card:4650 AGP Radeon Shappire 1GB
Motherboard:ECS Group Photon PF1 (i865PE)
CPU:Pentium 4 HT (2CPU) 3.00GHZ ~ 2.92GHZ
It appears that at some point you changed for FSB frequency from 200Mhz (800MT/s) to 133 (533MT/s)

You will have to enter your system BIOS settings and correct this. At the same time you may need to change your memory clock divider if you changed that as well