CPU runs like garbage, never goes above 0.78ghz/800mhz


Mar 10, 2018
So I’ve had this PC for about one year now, I've had a friend help me build most of it, so I don't know much about this PC, I no longer have contact with him as well unfortunately.

Ever since I first built it, my computer has been running poorly, but didn’t know why until recently where I found out my CPU was running below expectations, instead of 3.40ghz, it never goes above 0.78ghz, EVER.

I am not a computer wizard, so I don't know much about this kind of stuff, though I've tried many ways to fix this problem. Recently I’ve clean installed windows once a few months ago, which didn't help. The temperatures are fine and there’s no dust in it. I already set the Power Plan in Windows to High Performance, did the minimum and maximum thing that I should be doing, still no luck. It never goes to 100% CPU usage, and it never goes above 23% usage when playing a game such as Overwatch or Siege. No other parts of my PC are a problem either, they work fine. I’ve even tried BIOS updating, which didn’t affect it at all.

My Specs: ASUS Prime H270M-PLUS, 8gb RAM, i5 7500 @ 3.40GHz PNY GTX 1050, 450W PSU

Userbenchmark: http://www.userbenchmark.com/UserRun/9665814

(The userbenchmark says there’s lots of background usage, and I believe it says this because my CPU is running like garbage all the time, there is nothing happening in the background.)

Really like this build, I know it has a lot of potential, but I need to be able to fix my CPU.
put the 12xx bios on then run the last bios update see if it a cpu code bug.
download intel cpu test see if your cpu passes. if it not the cpu is can be a seating issue or bent pins or a cpu cooler that on to tight.