Bobby moe barker

Jun 10, 2012
I have a dell computer and the cpu fan so fast when i turn it on ,how can i fix it if it is a software problem, and if it is a hardware problem what could it be. if i leave it on too long wont it burn up the fan?
CPU fans spin up and run fast when the cpu gets hot.

1) Is there dust in your pc, or some other obstruction to air flow?

2) Possibly the cpu cooler is not mounted well.

3) Aftermarket cpu coolers are available that are more efficient and use larger, slower fans. You could replace your stock cooler.

4) If the extra cooling is not really needed(check the temps with real temp or such), then there are adapters that will reduce the fan speed. Or, possibly in the motherboard bios, there are cpu fan controls.

most motherboard with 3 and 4 pin fans the fan will spin up to max speed for a set time them spin down or should. if the fan staying at max speed i would see if there are any fan speed settings in the dell bios. as you did not post the model i cant help you with that info. if there is a fan speed setting and the fan is still running at full speed. turn the pc off and unplug the power supply for safty and see if the heat sink legs and the heat sink itself is clamped onto the cpu. mb and cpu have temp sensors if the temp hit x amount the fan going to run at full speed. you can see this by runnning programs like open hardware monitor.
the temps at just running a pc normal should be 30-50c. if it has a stock cooler and the temps in your house. if it reading more then 50c then there may be a fan issue.