Question CPU severely underperforming, not sure why and what to do

May 19, 2020

I have an i7 9750h and for some reason its performing much worse than average. For example, my fire strike physics and combined scores are ~300/1000 lower than should be and what I used to get. On time spy, I get ~4500 versus the posted average of 6300 on benchmark website. I've only had this laptop for barely a month, and my gpu performs just fine, perhaps even slightly above average, but currently the cpu is noticeably worse than before. The only modifications I've done is undervolt (currently not; the above results are non-undervolted, but still much worse than prior), and factory reset (that didn't help either). Temps go up to ~95.

The only possible cause I could think of is me playing around with the undervolt, however that didn't make much sense because I thought undervolt can't hurt the CPU. Either way I still went ahead and FR'd because I thought on the slight chance undervolt permanently damaged my cpu it would reset that, but it seems like nothing happened because results are still the same as above. Whatever the case, I'm extremely baffled atm and any help is much appreciated.

Edit: I forgot to add, the cpu is also extremely inconsistent as well. The benchmark scores fluctuate drastically (lower) whereas the gpu is pretty much the same scores regardless.
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Update your post to include full system hardware specs and OS.

Use Task Manager and Resource Monitor (just one at a time) to observe system performance.

You may be able to identify some application, process, or service slowing performance.

Check what is being launched at startup. Look for anything unexpected or unrecognized.

Research (google) accordingly and post as well.