Question Cpu Speed acting weird

Nov 18, 2020
So i recently did some light overclocking my computer has it where it does it automatically so there should be no issues, i get an average of 4.2 GHz so i downloaded the new call of duty and when i launched the game it was really laggy and i ha low fps, so i reduced the settings all the way ti low and its still not that great but when i check my cpu speed its only at 3.2 GHz no where near 4.2 how can i change it to that i can maximize the performance of my cpu because thats whats making most of my games laggy not my graphics card

here is a list of my pc
AMD Athlon X4 860K
12 Gigs DDR3
GTX 1050ti
the max user operating temp for the Athlon X4 860K is 72.4C.

You're seeing thermal throttling. It can't go to 4.2GHz because it's throttling because of the temperature.

  • Remove the overclock
  • Remove and reapply thermal paste. After 6 years it could be dry if it was cheap thermal paste.