Question cpu speed changing when gpu is used

Jul 27, 2020
My specs are

amd fx-8350
gtx 1050ti
8gb ddr3 ram
<Mod Edit> asrock mbo

as you can see from my specs i dont have the fastest computer so i resort to overclocking both my cpu and gpu however even when i should be able to run games like valorant without problems however im faced with lag that renders games unplayable on any graphics settings. I took to task manager to see what my usage was and i saw that my cpu clockspeed ranged from 4.4GHz to 1GHz and i looked for help online and only found to turn off thermal and power throttling and i did. Then i went into bios turned off cool n quiet and everything i could think of i even upped the voltage of my cpu to see if it was not enough power but i had no luck. When i benchmark my cpu it stays at 4.4 however when my gpu is used the cpu speed changes up and down and the usage changes accordingly also my gpu does the same however my gpu performance suffers more.

anything anyone can think of. all i can think off is my psu isnt enough watts but i think its 750w so should be fine? or could my ram or motherboard bottleneck or something? i honestly dont know and appriciate any help.
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