Mar 6, 2004
So I'm trying to make me another computer. Its nothing great but I was wondering if I would notice a real performance downgrade if I want for 200 mhz to 150 mhz. But in return for such a downgrade I would be gaining 110 mb of RAM. Wich means that I have 40 mb now an I would be upgrade to 150. I just need to know if I would really notice a downgrade beacuse I dont wanna get everything out of this computer and into the one that needs the slower CPU. Please help

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What the heck are you talking about?

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Yeah I'm not quite sure about those memory amounts, but I am sure I have about a dozen old systems collecting dust in my basement that need buyers just like him. I can't walk down there without tripping over a Pentium Classic. Email addresss please.

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