Question CPU spikes coinciding with internet fluctuations

Aug 12, 2022
Hey all,

I'm experiencing a bizarre issue. I'm downloading a game on Steam and I'm getting massive internet speed fluctuations that are appearing to directly coincide with CPU (i7-11700F) spikes. They're occurring at the same time.

I'm using a wired connection (Intel I219-V) and the download is outright cutting in and out, speeds fluctuating from 0kbps all the way up to 1gbps (I only pay for 150mbps. Gotta love Canada).

The 'Ethernet' performance tab on Task Manager looks like a messy city skyline, full of massive ups and downs.

This is the thread closest to my issue that I could find, and the solution did not match my situation.

I'm able to freely stream content and watch youtube videos at maximum quality without buffering, while simultaneously witnessing my send/receive bitrates go from 0kbps to NASA speeds.

This is a relatively new PC (six months), but this is the first I've experienced this.

Windows network troubleshooter does not detect any issues.

Okay all of a sudden as I'm typing this, my CPU has held 95%-100% usage for about 90 seconds and my receive speed held steady at about 988mbps, my 60gb download just advanced about 40% in one minute.

That just stopped, both the CPU and Ethernet settled down to minimum usage. I'm not sure what just happened, sitting at a steady 0kbps send/8.0kbps receive now.

This elicits a 'what in all hell is going on right now' feeling from deep within me.

I've yet to contact my ISP (Bell), or inspect my ethernet cable.

I appreciate any time you may or may not spend reading this, and/or maybe helping me out.
Have you run a speed test? It will give you some basic info. Does your setup have wifi? Have you tried that if you do? Speed fluctuations could be anything from your isp provider, from their connection to yours, could be the router, could be the cable, could be you need to remove your ehternet driver and reinstall. I would start with your provider they can do tests on their end to see if they can find a problem. If they say they are good, then you can start working on your end.