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Question CPU spikes up to 100 when easy anti-cheat games launch

Aug 25, 2018
Recently, I have been running into a problem of whenever I launch Apex Legends, Rust, Spellbreak, Rainbow Six: Siege, and PUBG. All of these games have an anti-cheat program that launches before hand, either Easy anti cheat or Battle eye. Whenever I launch these games, about 80% of the time my CPU spikes to 100 and my device becomes unusable for upwards of 10 minutes unless I restart it. It is only in these games, every other game I launch works just fine. I have repaired the anti cheats multiple times and verified the game files of each game to make sure it was not those themselves. Task manager does not tell me what is spiking my CPU so high when the games launch, the only odd occurance is that the "Antimalware Service Executable" is between 20-30% CPU usage. Anyone have any clue or tips to whats happening? I'm still new to this so please ask for anything I might have missed out on or direct me somewhere I should look.

CPU: Intel i7 6700K clokced at 4.00 gh
GPU: EVGA GTX 1050ti gpu
Mobo: ASUS B150 M-C