Question CPU stock cooler replacement, will it void warranty?

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How high are these temperatures exactly - look at individual cores of the CPU, not just the package?

I ask this because it is a bit of a grey area.
By all accounts, it doesn't technically void the warranty.
But any damage you cause as a result of making the change absolutely will void the warranty.
Equally if you break any factory seals during upgrading, that will also void the warranty.


It depends on many factors. Normally changing a cpu cooler will not void any warranty, either written or implied. However, as many have found out, if you change coolers for one not intended for the purpose or lower in ability (uber cheapo coolers with fancy names and leds) and it results in damage to the cpu, that'll for sure void any warranty. If the act of changing the cooler causes damage, (drop the thing and it dents the cpu), that voids the warranty. Considered user abuse, accidental or not.

I've actually seen pc's with a warranty void sticker stuck next to the screw in the back of the case, the one required to remove the side panel. Stupidest thing I ever saw a manufacturer do. How the owner was supposed to clean the pc without removing the side panel is beyond my comprehension.

Best thing to do if warranty is a concern, read the manual. If it does not specifically say that the act of changing the cooler voids the warranty, then it doesn't void it. Just be aware that other actions/consequences/results (like dropping the cooler) could very well void it.


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