Question CPU Stuck All The Time At 2.59 GHz (At Base Speed)

Mar 29, 2020
Hello everybody.

I am currently having a bit of a serious issue with my MSI Gaming laptop. I have an MSI GE72 VR 6RF Apache Pro with a Intel Core i7 6700HQ and Geforce GTX1060 for CPU and GPU hardware along with 16 gigs of ram. Whenever the computer is idling or playing games under load or not under load, it will ONLY stay at 2.59 GHz which is the base speed for this CPU. Usually, the CPU will change depending on load but this constantly will stay at 2.59. I have looked literally everywhere to find a fix for this and still have not found one. I can't multitask like I use to or anything like that and I just did a BIOS update today to see if it was corrupted and still I am stuck at 2.59 GHz. I checked my power options and I have switched between balanced and high performance and nothing has changed. Maybe there is something hidden in advanced power settings, I don't know. Do you guys think you can solve this?