[SOLVED] CPU Swap - Screen not getting signal.

Jan 19, 2019
I have just swapped out my i5 6500 for an i7 7700. However, when turning the PC back on everything seems to start up as normal, except that the screen doesn’t ever display anything/doesn’t seem to get a signal. I’ve removed the graphics card and tried booting off of the motherboard display output, same result. I’ve also reset the bios.
When I put the i5 back in initially I had the same problem, but then it did work off of the motherboard screen output, and then worked normally when I put the graphics card back in.

Any ideas why the i7 isn’t working?

PC Specs:
Asus Z170-P
16gb (2x 8gb) Corsair Vengeance 3000mhz
GTX 1060 6gb

Any assistance muchly appreciated!

Many thanks.


Nov 21, 2014
Seems like you covered the basics, technically its supposed to work as you did, while its also expected that you get no graphics at first, its supposed to work after resetting bios, and using the 'on-board' graphics.

try to repeat the steps but firstly, power down your system and unplug the power cord, capacitors still retain charge for a while, so let it completely discharge waiting a minute or so, reset your bios by removing the battery this time, try again. you can even swap ram slots just for the whatever, but theoretically, thats you can do atm, keep resetting bios and and rebooting until it finally decides to show some vid. other than that, while etremely unlikely something is wrong with the cpu graphics. I'd just put the graphics card back and do the full reset on your rig, its supposed to work

other than that, i hope someone else can come up with new ideas, cuz i dont see what else you can do.