Question CPU swap (upgrade) has stopped internet access via ethernet

Jan 27, 2021
My PC was able to do things on the internet etc just about 2 hours ago, and i had shut down my pc and turned off the PSU to install my new cpu which had come in today. I originally had a Ryzen 5 2700, and I just replaced it with a Ryzen 7 3700x. It shows my internet is "connected" in the bottom right with ethernet but if i open up microsoft edge I cant access the internet. I reset the computer (hence why im using microsoft edge and not firefox) to see if that would work, and to my dismay it did not. Every so often I see the globe with the circle cross between it indicating I dont Have internet access.
i downloaded MSI's realtek pcielan update on my laptop and put the flash into my system and opened the folder and ran it from there. It didnt do anything at all. Im not sure what to do here, and Windows diagnosis doesnt do anything at all. thanks.

MSI b450 tomahawk max
ryzen 7 3700x
MSI gtx 1660 6gb
sandisk ultra 1tb SSD
32 GB Corsair Vengeance RAM
Jan 27, 2021
check the ethernet port on the back and see if anything light up?
check ip address? dns server?
Both the ethernet ports are lit up, the router and directly on the PC, as for DNS ive tried swapping to googles, and neither work, but my DNS isnt the only problem, sometimes i just dont have internet at all whatsoever. keyword here being "sometimes" it will give me internet once every so often and a webpage will load, but the internet is gone seconds later, as for ip, its set to my normal one, and ive never done anything to it before ever
At power up, is the 3700X properly identified/recognized? (If so, that would imply the BIOS is semi-recent enough, at least)

Have you cleared CMOS/reset the BIOS?

Swapping a CPU can sometimes play havoc with the OS; although you said you've 'reset the computer', I'd consider making a Win10 USB install media via MS Media Creation Tool, and, simply flatten the installation (get any files you need off it first to an external drive, etc.), by booting from the new media, and deleting the existing partitions, and starting over with a clean install..

You can then cleanly load AMD's latest AGESA/chipset drivers, then mainboard driver packages, which often include separate onboard LAN drivers, and your chosen GPU driver/software packages, all WIn10 updates, etc..

THEN we can evaluate if something is truly going on with internet access...
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Definitely Clearing CMOS is the first thing to do.

I'd right click on that internet globe and let Windows run it's troubleshooter on the network. If you're not using a custom configured TCP/IP protocol it's going to be more helpful.

I believe the world with a slash through it suggests the protocols and LAN might be working on your computer but not connecting outside the local network. To confirm, also try pinging yourself: in command prompt with admin rights, type 'ping -t'. Let it run a couple minutes to see if it's working, then hit ctrl-c to break out of it (or just dismiss the window). If that works flawlessly it suggests the problem may be with your router. is a non-routeable 'loop-back' address; it basically means 'this device' without having to use it's unique IP address.
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