Question CPU Temp 100 Degrees

Sep 12, 2020
Hello everyone, There is a problem that I am having with my PC since May is that quite so rarely my CPU start overheating to 100C the moment I boot my PC. The thing about it which is very strange is that as soon as I restart my PC that problem go away.
My CPU specs are
Motherboard: Z170x gaming 7
CPU: Core i5 7600k
Cooler: Corsair liquid Cooler H45
GPU: GTX 1070ti
RAM: corsair vengeance 2400mhz
Power Supply: Corsair RMX 750
Case: Cooler master pro case 5
I have been using this PC for over 4 years and had no issue until this year May
I have tried numerous action to fix this problem which are
Applied different thermal paste
Remount the cooler
Update Bios
Reinstall windows
Cpu fan and opt pins are also correctly seated
I just don't understand what could be the reason as to why this problem is occurring out of nowhere since it is very random and rare.
Whenever I turn on my PC there is like a 5% chance that my temp would go all the way to 100C and my cooler fan would be spinning very slowly but the moment I restart my PC the temperature would drop down to 36 to 40C and the rest of the day my PC would be working fine.