Question CPU temp at 100C. I need some serious help.

Mar 16, 2020
I have a i7-8700 and a Kraken m22. Also a gtx1070. My case is an nzxt H700i.
I literally cannot find the reason as to why my cpu temp is so high. Everthing for my cpu cooler is plugged in. All my fans are running. I don't know if this matters but my cpu cooler fan isnt showing up in my cam software. Maybe thats the issue? My idle temp can be anywhere from 90c to 60c. Its very strange. When i have Overwatch open the idle temp is 90c+. Its strange though because the cpu load isnt even 15%. Here is a picture of my monitoring system when Overwatch is just open. Idle temp was 70c and i just opened Overwatch and the temp spiked to 90c and it just fluctuated between 90c and 80c until it stopped at around 90c. If i just have chrome and Spotify and discord open its around 70c. When i game though the cpu temp is 100c. Maybe my cpu cooler isnt pumping liquid? Or the fans in my case are facing the wrong way? Bad cpu cooler? Bad thermal paste application? I just have no clue why this is happening. I'm thinking of taking it into best buy or a pc repair place but i don' know if they could even help because i don't know the issue.