CPU temp conerns


Dec 26, 2009
Howdy folks,

First off wanted to say big thanks to the community for all the help provided during planning and final purchase of my home built PC. Everything has been installed and fired up successfully and without issue. I have recently installed all my software and run Prime95 for 2 hours as a sanity check for my CPU ect, although i must say im not super technical enough to understand the program to its full potential.

I did have some question concerning the temperatures of my i7 930, at idle per the monitoring software of my ASUS P6TD deluxe, my CPU is between 36-38C. Running the standard Prime95 test it tops out about 58C. I did run it through the torture test for only 10 minutes or so but found i peaked around 64C.

I am currently running in a HAF 922, Titan Fenrir HS, no over clocking, with my stock fan's.

Ambient temperature is steady at 70F/21C.

Am I within Optimal temps?