CPU temp over 100°C when gaming?


Apr 16, 2012
Hello, I've got a problem with my PC, rather with my CPU.
Scine over a half year, my CPU goes up to 100°C when playing (even older) games like NFS Underground, Blur, or patically even flash games (various ones from websites).
My normal temps (internet normal, youtube, mail, etc.) are from 35-50 °C (coretemp) on both cores.
My CPU's an AMD Athlon 64 X2 5000+
The exact happenings:
I start the game, the temps go up to 50~60°C.
A minute in the game, keeps up to 70°C.
A few other minutes later, it goes up to 100°C.
After a while (max a minute) on 100°C+, the PC shuts itself down.
Or if I close it when it gets around 100°C, it keeps around 90°C for 10s, then goes back to normal.

I really wonder what could be the cause, I opened the PC up, cleaned the dust from the Cooler, etc.

I'd really like to know why it is doing that, and what I can do to help it.

Hello Pixl;

No more gaming for you till you bring those temps under control.

Is the CPU heatsink/fan firmly mounted to the socket? It's not loose?
Does the CPU fan run at very high speed?


Jan 22, 2012
Not good. For this CPU max temp are around 65C. There must be a problem with temp reading since I don't beleive this CPU will even go near 100C without failing.

Also remember to remove the dust from the heatsink :p


Dec 21, 2011
1- make sure your cooler is working properly, make sure your case is well ventilated.
2- check if your cooler isn't overclocked you should be running at default clock values, overclocking can increase temperatures a lot, check in bios if clocks are default.
3- if everything is ok, check for dust in the cooler, remove it, wash the heatsink properly, clearn the dust off the cooler, clean and re-add thermal paste, check if the temps lower.
4-last, if none of the above worked, i would say, replace your cooler for a better one, stock cooler is very hot and if your case is not well ventilated you should look for aftermarket cooling solution that will maintain it cooler.
The thermal paste might have turned into powder. Thermal paste can dry up over time which means it no longer effectively transfer heat from the CPU to the heatsink (cooler).

Your best bet would be to buy some Arctic Silver 5 thermal paste. You'll need to clean off the current thermal paste on the heatsink and CPU first though. I would use 90% rubbing alcohol (isopropyl) and a lint free cloth to do the job.