Mar 19, 2019
Hello everyone. I hope you're all well.

I'm experiencing system wide stuttering in the form of.... robotic audio, mouse lag, video stalling and general slowdown.

This all starts after a random amount of time from system boot and can last from 1 or 2 minutes to 30 or more. This coincides with the CPU issue described above.

I've been running this rig for a year without any real problems. Then in June this year I got taken into hospital for 2 weeks and on my return, I rested for a day or 2 before adding a new HDD which had many bad sectors. This was later removed.

Then I initiated a Windows update which supplied a new version and ever since I've experienced the errors and an occasional (when restarting or powering down) DRIVER_POWER_STATE_FAILURE stop with no accompanying error code. Just a QR which is quite useless.

I have run Manjaro (Linux) Live and Hiren Win10 PE Boot but cannot replicate the issues. I have been told that Linux handles errors better and I know Hiren doesn't load all the drivers so I may not be able to tell using those whether the problem is HW or SW.

Thanks in advance.
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