Question cpu temp spikes


Oct 5, 2020
hey, I changed my mobo from Asus x570-f to gigabyte x570 AORUS master and now I'm experiencing CPU temp spikes
BIOS is updated
I'm using AMD 5900x with Coolermaster ma620m pasted with arctic mx4 (fresh layer, I checked and it's spread well)
case Antec nx800 without the side panel 6 fans in the case
turned off and on again, noting open but chrome.
CPU util 1-4% CPU cur temp 44C with spikes up to 60C
ambient is about 24C
edit: windows 10 64bit
AMD overlay + task manager


Motherboards can have different 'stock' bios settings, even between boards the same brand. That's what it boils down to.

If you have any serious problems with the PC, you should reinstall Windows... well, it's good practice to do so when changing mobos.


I don't see any issues, as long as you don't also have lags at the same time. Windows is never idle, there is always something happening in the background, so sudden spikes are common. Also, Ryzen CPUs boost aggressively on a single core when something is happening to finish the job asap, leading to a spikeon that one core. That's normal, expected behavior, and 60°C spikes aren't really reason for worry. The more important question is, what do load temperatures look like? Perfect are around 80°C under full load as a general rule, but Ryzen chips are designed with a target temperature of 90°C in mind. So to see if anything is wrong with your chip or cooling, it's best to put some load ala Cinebench or Prime 95 on it, and see how clocks and temperatures develop during the test run.
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