Question CPU Temperature and Usage problem

May 27, 2022
Hello guys, I think there is problem in my CPU so I'll ask here
So let me start, these are specs of my computer
CPU: Intel Core i5-4570 3,2GHz
GPU: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 6GB
RAM: 8gb DDR3 Single Channel
Motherboard: LENOVO SHARKBAY Intel Q85 (Lynx Point)
I think I got some virus like 2 weeks ago and I reinstalled Windows from Cloud Download and since then my PC is having some CPU issues
I got high bottleneck but it did not affect my gameplay I used to play mainstream games on very high settings without getting high temperatures or usages but now its different
As I said I installed new windows, everything worked perfect, when I entered league of legends CPU suddenly went up to 100% Usage, I searched along Youtube and Google for fixes, did the things they said but nothing changed, also I saw that CPU temp goes to 90C and from case I hear like plane's gonna start how much coolers are working
Now I tried to change settings, set that on low, but nothing happened, I even tried to run COD4 wich is old game and doesn't require some good specs, but same problem is there also
I found a temporary "fix" for that my CPU is normal when I set Power Saving mode On but it affects too much on my gameplay and working space, like when I play something on Balanced - High Performance mode CPU goes to 100% Usage and 90C temperature but on Power Saving mode it goes normal ( I gotta set lowest settings possible to use it normal)
If someone know whats and where is the problem please help! Thanks in advance