Feb 20, 2012
AI SUITE II says that the temperature of my cpu is 40°C whereas AMD Overdrive says that its 12°C then Core Temp says that the minimum is 12°C and max is 32°C then CPUID Hardware Monitor has two readings... the CPU being 40°C and then AMD FX-4100 says 12°C

This is all at idle apart from running this webpage and the temperature monitors. I do have it on optimized settings and with Turbo Core Technology enabled. At idle running at 1.6Ghz but jumps to 4.1Ghz when im playing Crysis for example..

So anyway I am confused which reading should I trust?

Hi :)

No you dont... the Bios gives the TRUE temperature.... if thats fine then Windows temps will be fine....

All the best Brett :)
Unless you keep the room at freezing temperatures it's rather unlikely that 12C (53F) is an accurate reading; it's probably cooler than the actual temp in the room! Thermodynamically the CPU can't be any cooler than the ambient temperature, when using an air cooler.