Question CPU Temperature fluctuations Ryzen 5


Jan 1, 2017
So my PSU shat itself yesterday and took some components with it. Changed my MB, CPU, PSU and RAM, but switched from Intel to AMD. I now use a Ryzen 5 3600, with a cooler master Hyper 212. When opening Speccy, I noticed the temps fluctuate in a strange pattern, is this normal? When I stresst tested it to 100% usage, it flattens out more but still spikes sometimes. I took a screenshot of the temps, you can see the difference between normal and stress testing. I was just wondering that the spiking in temperature is normal for AMD, it's my first time having one.

... When opening Speccy, I noticed the temps fluctuate in a strange pattern, is this normal? ...
Yes, perfectly normal. The processor frequently boosts to a high clock to process a background task (windows runs lots of those). Temp spikes with each one then ramps down afterwords until it boosts/spikes once again. So the sawtooth pattern. Each spike is the hottest sensor of dozens all over the CPU, so it's also not really a good indicator of the CPU thermal state.

Suggest to drop Speccy and get HWInfo64. It's much better set up for AMD motherboards and CPU's, and also reports out a die temp (average) that better relates the true thermal state of the CPU as a whole.
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Thanks, my Intel always appeared more linear, so this was new to me. Thanks for the help!
It's called a 'rush to idle'... raise a single core to highest clock to quickly dispatch even a light workload so that core can be put back to C6 deep sleep state as soon as possible. The processor manages energy use on it's own (Windows normally does that) and makes the boost or sleep decisions up to 100 times every second. If you've set your system up right, and use the Ryzen balanced power plan, it's very energy efficient and still very fast too with the OS scheduler co-operating to favor and rotate the tasks among the strongest cores that share computing resources. In operation it looks strange compared what many are used to, so they think their CPU is stuck at a high clock and overclocked even though they didn't and other concerns..