Question CPU Temprature 100 degree for no reason

Jul 14, 2020
I just installed my new psu 500w, the old one was 450w, and the first thing i noticed after starting my pc was my cpu temprature, my cpu was reaching 80 degree's when idle and i've been trying to fix it for a while but i just cant find the problem....

Any help us appreciated
Jul 1, 2020
The problem you are facing looks like a cable connection problem to me. So, make sure the CPU fan is connected properly and there is continuous power supply to the unit. Also, make sure that all the components are connected well with the PSU. Specifically check if PSU to motherboard connection and motherboard to CPU fan connections is right.

I have listed things in order so that it would be easier for you to troubleshoot:
1. Firstly, check if all of the components and PSU cables are connected right. Mainly the PSU connections to the motherboard and the motherboard to CPU fan connections confirming the proper working of CPU fan.

2. Also, Check the program you use that monitors the CPU fan speeds at the varying temperatures and see if it is working/set right.

3. If still you cannot figure out the issue, then disconnect the CPU fan/heatsink from the CPU and confirm the availability of thermal paste. If it is not applied, then add some. If there is some applied, then remove it and apply new thermal paste. Reconnect it all and see if that fixes the issue.
Hope that solves the issue !!!
Jul 14, 2020
Hey! Thanks for the reply, I just figured out something. My cpu isnt hot but it shows that my cpu is at like 90degree. My fan is running at maximum speed and im getting constant fps drops when playing like im getting 40-50 fps in games when im supposed to get 100+. Is there anything i should try?
There should be no connection to changing out the psu with temperatures.
Why did you feel the need to change out the psu?
What was the make/model of the old, and what is the new?

At idle, you should see 10-15c. over ambient if your cooler is mounted well and is getting sufficient intake airflow.
What is the make/model of the cooler you are using?


Nov 28, 2015
I removed my cpu and put it back on and everything just went back to normal for some reason
You removed it and put it back on, can you tell me your current temperatures? It's quite likely you didnt mount the cooler right in the first place. If you lifted up your cooler, it is recommended to apply a new thermal paste on the cpu.