Question CPU temps are WILD

Feb 12, 2021
Hi guys,

I built a gaming PC a few months back (first time builder).

Specs are:

MSI B550 A-Pro mobo
Ryzen 9 3900x
Stock wraith cooler
32 GB Corsair Vengeance RAM
MSI Suprim X 3080
Corsair 850 W Gold Corsair fully modular ATX PSU

In a Fractal R6

I bought a 1050ti as a stop gap waiting for the 3080 to arrive and never really noticed/paid much attention to temps but do not believe I was having any real issues (fans weren't majorly loud or anything), but since putting the 3080 in, i'm having bad CPU temp issues.

CPU is running at anywhere between 60 and 75 C at idle, fluctuating by upto 15 degrees when going upto minimal loads like 10% or less.

Running any game is taking me to 90 C or more.

I was running just the 3 stock Fractal fans and have now added 3 Noctua NF-S12B reduxs but this hasn't helped.
I've re-applied thermal paste - that hasn't helped.

I know getting a better cooler - preferably an AIO liquid cooler - should be priority but i've also noticed the power draw is bizarre.

GPU is drawing 100-105 W at idle - temps around 55 C.
CPU is drawing anywhere between 25 and 55 W at idle - temps as already advised.

I've played with undervolting and power plans in Windows, nothing of substance really changes.

Anyone have any ideas on the power issue? - Seems to me that, with the power draw under control, temps would also become much, much better?

Any advise welcome, PLEASE!
Temperature fluctuations when the computer is "idle" are normal. This is because Windows piles up all of the background tasks to be done at once in certain intervals. Since all of these background tasks are trivial to complete, Windows dumps them on one core, and that one core boosts all the way. Ryzen reports the hottest temperature in the CPU at the moment. So between one core boosting and the reported temperature of the CPU being the hottest thing in there, you'll see the temperature reading fluctuate.

As for the temperatures overall, I'd argue that's expected when using a stock cooler. It's not going to be a great performer, especially when a beefy CPU like the 3900X.
Feb 12, 2021
I get what you're saying and as I said, a new cooler will be my next and probably inevitable move


The Wraith cooler is designed to function with that CPU, even if not overly cool and optimal, it should run at manageable levels

The power draw to the CPU and GPU is odd though, very odd