[SOLVED] CPU Temps at 100C

Oct 18, 2020
I built this PC two years ago and everything was working fine until today. Today, I just happened to bring the system downstairs and now it's very loud and the CPU is idling at 90-100C. I have an EVGA CLC 280. I already tried to reseat it, but I don't have thermal paste or another compatible cooler on hand. I also cleaned a bunch of dust from the system as well. I downloaded the EVGA flow control software and the pump seems to be fine? View: https://imgur.com/oUPBMGA

I'm not sure what's going on... Should I RMA the AIO?
Looking around for Evga clc 280mm pump failures
I came across this on Linus tech tips.

11/28/2018 at 11:49 AM, wildthing said:
i've had it happen to me before as well, you could also take the cooler out the case and shake it allot, make sure you keep the radiator above the pump block so air can go up. GL!
Well I finally had some time to try this and it seems to have worked. I wasnt in a huge rush as my old hyper 212 was doing fine keeping the 8700k cool at stock, but finally took it all apart today and gave the clc a really good shake and put it all back in and its working fine. Thanks for the help !

Here is the link to the thread.
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The move caused an air bubble to travel to the pump, and it was stuck there. Could have simply tilted the pc until the tubing was above the pump and let it sit for a few minutes. Air pockets happen, no aio is proof against that. Shaking it breaks the surface tension on the bubble causing it to seperate into multiple smaller bubbles that would travel back to the reservoir in the rad.

It's not a problem, nor an issue, it's just one of those things to remember when moving a pc any distance. Kinda like removing a giant aircooler prior or run the risk of breaking motherboard, damaging socket, breaking the seal on the paste etc.

Problems like this are why I'm just as happy to stay with liquid cooling.
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