CPU temps in BIOS different from those on CPUID and SpeedFan


Jun 22, 2011
Hello! Still been working on temps. They still seem a little high so before I overclock I'm gonna have to possibly reapply thermal paste.

On to the question: While inside the BIOS my CPU temp reads at about 43C. Using CPUID and SpeedFan, however, the temps read on average 34-36C. Is this normal? I mean, both programs have practically the exact same readings whereas the BIOS temp is higher. The CPU I have is an Intel Core i5 2500K using a Noctua NH-U9B Se2 HSF with ambient temperatures being around 74F. The case I have has four fans as well, so there is a lot of airflow throughout the case.

Thank y'all for your help!
The temps in the BIOS will always be higher because the CPU cannot go into low-power idle mode until it fully boots into Windows. The CPU is running at full speed, so temps will gradually increase until a certain point and then they will stabilize. 60-65ºC is a fairly common upper temp when in the BIOS using the stock cooler. After-market coolers will be better, but the temps will still be higher than normal in the BIOS.

In other words, your system is working normally.

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