Question CPU Temps peak at 100c while gaming, but 80c when running p95

Mar 17, 2023
Hey guys!
Feeling a bit lost here.

While gaming with friends (Rainbow 6 Siege if that matters), I touched my computer case and noticed it's fairly hot.
After using Open Hardware Monitor, I'd found that my CPU temps PEAK at 100c (no bueno).

to isolate - i ran p95 (for 24hours, blend, on all cores) - and it seems that the CPU peaks at around 70c there, so it seems like it can cool itself well enough.
Granted - after monitoring and plotting the temps during gaming - i see that the temps sit around 90-ish degrees C most of the time

Graphs are provided Below.
Blue graph is while running p95,
other one is while gaming - i selected only 1 core to simplify it but i made sure this was the hottest one.

What could be the cause of this?

Could this be residual heat from my GPU? it peaks at 80C

Maybe should I get more outtake fans maybe to improve the airflow through the unit?
right now I have 1 outtake, 3 intake

cpu is cooled with AIO

Important note - I don't experience any thermal throttling - no hitching, freezes, crashes, none of that.


32GB Ram


When you are running the test you are only using the cpu. While gaming you are using the cpu and the gpu which generates more heat. I would look in to increasing your case fans rpm's to expel more case heat and agree with you that you need more case fans to expel the air.. How old is the thermal paste on your cpu/cooling plate? That may need changing. Also increasing the cooling curve on your AIO should help as well.
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Mar 17, 2023
Hey guys sorry for vanishing. the solution was to remove my PC case's front glass panel.
Lowered max temps by over 20 degrees!
Im gonna build a custom front net cover

For future reference -my PC case is FSP CMT510