Question CPU temps reach 99 Degree after applying thermal paste

Jun 2, 2020
I bought this laptop back from 2016 , ASUS X455LF , the specs is not really that good for gaming .

i5 - 5200U 2.2Ghz (2.7 Ghz)
Nvidia 930m
8 GB Ram

before thermal paste was reapplied my CPU temps never above 90 Degrees on CS:GO in low graphics settings , my GPU same as cpu temps which i concerned
and after thermal paste is reapplied my CPU temps always reach above 90 Deg on CS:GO on 30 Mins to 1 hour of gaming even in low settings, while my GPU temps is always below 70 deg

what makes difference here is i can now play csgo in higher resolution, because there is no difference in FPS nor in low set or high set

in GTA 5 however , my cpu temps always reach maxed to 96 degrees overtime, when i alt tabbing gta 5 , cpu temps goes down to below 70 degrees constantly without degradation hmmm...

i tried to lower my cpu performance to 85% - 99% and its turns out good . my fps is stable and my cpu temps have constant below 75 deg , but i'm still worried that i might damaged the cpu after reapplying thermal paste, because even in turbo boost on, my cpu temp never reach that high

While idle my CPU in 38 Deg and GPU 40 Deg

my question is :
  1. After seeing my gpu temp is get decent while my cpu is getting worse , am i damaged the cpu ? or just bad for applying thermal paste?
  2. if because the thermal paste, will my cpu dying soon after ?
  3. Should I reapplying again on my cpu , or just leave it be?
  4. Does MSI afterburner have 100% accuracy for giving info about hardware temperature?
excuse me for my bad english , hehe
I didn't even know English wasn't your first language until the last line.

I think something didn't go back together correctly. One of two things is my guess ... too much thermal paste or 1 of the 4 screws on the CPU heatsink did not go in correctly and you don't have good, even contact. Also, on the model I have heard that the springs on the heatsink do not pull the heatsink down with much force and it is good practice to give it a little extra squeeze.

Your questions:
1. I don't think you damaged the CPU. I do think you might have put on too much thermal paste. There should be just a thin coat.

2. The high temperatures will slowly kill your CPU ... you should fix this.

3. I would take it apart again. Look at how the thermal paste has spread over the CPU and GPU. You may need to reapply, especially if there is too much.

4. MSI afterburner is just software. It shows you want the hardware tells it. All hardware has an error range. I have seen thermal diodes that claim to be accurate to 1 degree C and others that are only accurate to 10 degrees C.