Question Cpu thermal throttling on old dell.

I am Tron

Jun 5, 2017
Hello everyone , so i recently got a hand me down from my brother an old dell laptop specifically Dell N5050 with I5 2430m and 4gb of ram. It's nothing special but it's fine for watching videos and playing some light games or so i thought. For watching videos and browsing the internet this laptop is perfectly fine but i tried to put a little stress into it , it started throttling. Like withing 5 mins under load so i was like ok lets clean it and change the thermal paste. So after cleaning and removing the old thermal paste and putting the new thermal paste the temps improved but it only prolonged the issue , instead of throttling in 5 mins it started throttling in 6 mins. So i thought ok why not try changing the fan profile so i used hwinfo to change the fan profile to run fans at max speed when gaming and it did help but again not by much.

And i know i know it's not a beast or something but i am not going to make it my main rig to begin with i already have a decent system i just want this system when i just want to sit on my bed and play some light old games. Anyway i tried running original Half life and it worked at 60ps ever so close to thermal throttling but it didnt. Then i tried CS1.6 and nope even at lowest setting with 1024x768 resolution it still throttled , then the last game i tried was league of legends which would literally run on a toaster and it did run or should i say it could run but with 1024x768 resolution with lowest settings and 30fps lock this cpu still throttled (this laptop does not have a dedicated gpu it's running on intel hd graphics).

After this i tried messing with the bios like undervolting the cpu or disable hyperthreading but nope . This is honestly the worst bios i have ever seen and the only useful setting they have is to change the date -.- . And i also disabled core boost from throttlestop with no avail . So guys im open to any suggestion from changing the heatpipe and fan but i could not find one or installing a custom bios with some unlocked features , i'm open to any kind of suggestions at this point .