Aug 22, 2018

I've bought a new PC (LENOVO PC Gamer Legion Y520-15IKBM) few months ago and i'm really disapointed by it's performance results. (i'm playing at PUBG, in ultra low graphism and i can't get more than 60 during whole game)

I've tried to check if my pc was ok (using crystalDiskInfo etc.) but didn't see anything wrong except after testing my PC with userBenchMark.

Here is the link to the results :

What about the 99% CPU Throttled ?? userbenchmark told me that i need 40 go more on my D disk to end the test ??
(by the way my PC is not on low power battery mode, i've searched whole day what was the problem but i can't find a solution, during tests, system is using more and more space on my D disk but total used space doesn't go upper than 50% (maybe because it is an average with another disk, i don't really know))

If someone can help me, it would be great :(

Thanks and sorry if my english is not perfect !