Question CPU throttling / FPS lag

Sep 6, 2018
Hello, i have bought a computer in January and until now it was all going well, but all of a sudden, the graphics performance just dropped overall. CSGO for example, where i used to have 250-300 fps consistently, now i sometimes have 100-150 and it never goes higher than 210. Then when i used HWinfo i noticed that one of the cores was throttling. Anything i can do?

Here are the specs:

And here is the HWinfo report after playing CSGO for 15 minutes:

Buy liquid metal (Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut) and replace the stock TIM (Thermal Interface Material) on your CPU and/or GPU with the liquid metal. It can help reduce temps up to 20C. You probably don't want to do this either. It's risky and will result in voiding your warranty and possibly damaging your laptop.

On a more serious note, you can enter the system BIOS and see what settings are available to reduce the heat of the CPU. Examples would be disabling 1-2 cores, or disabling hyper-threading, or disabling or reducing turbo boost.